Erase the Signs of Aging with Stem Cells

Posted on August 4, 2018


Stem cells have a lot of amazing benefits for the body – they can reduce inflammation, repair injured tissue and restore function to tissues and organs damaged by autoimmune disease. Stem cells can also help turn back the hands of time and reduce the signs of aging. Park Avenue Stem Cell offers patients powerful anti-aging treatments through fat stem cell therapy. Find out more about the power of fat in the fight against aging in this blog.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the body’s most fundamental building block; they are the basis for all the body’s organs and tissues. Stem cells, although small, have the powerful ability to differentiate into many different types of tissue and also the ability regenerate without limit.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Benefit the Skin?

The ability of stem cells to differentiate and regenerate without limit benefit the skin because they can help heal damaged tissues. The skin becomes damaged over time as a consequence of different factors, including:

Time. Age happens to all of us. As we get older, our skin cells break down, which leaves us looking older and our skin looking dull. Over time, the skin also loses its elasticity, or its ability to stretch and retract.

Genes. Our genetics play a significant role in how we age – if premature aging runs in your family, it is likely you’re going to show signs of aging early, too. Genetics are hard to overcome using over-the-counter skin creams.

Environment. Pollution in the environment can affect the skin by clogging the pores and dulling your appearance. Other environmental factors include prolonged sun exposure, which can affect your skin’s pigment and leave behind dark spots and uneven skin tone. The sun can also destroy collagen and elastin, which will lead to wrinkles and sagging skin over time.

Diet. Are you a healthy eater or do you gravitate toward junk food? An unhealthy diet can mean negative consequences for your body and for your skin, too. When the skin is not supported by a healthy diet, its quality is diminished, which means more wrinkles, lines and creases for you.

While these factors have negative consequences for the skin, there is a way to improve their effects. This help comes in the form of a stem cell face-lift from Park Avenue Stem Cell.

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help?

Park Avenue Stem Cell can help reverse the premature aging of your skin caused by time, genetics, the environment and a poor diet through the Park Avenue Stem Cell Face-Lift. The Park Avenue Stem Cell Face-Lift is a nonsurgical alternative to face-lift surgery, which means big benefits for you without a lengthy recovery.

During the stem cell face-lift procedure, Dr. Singer collects stem cells from an area of unwanted fat on your body, such as your lower back, thigh or abdomen. These cells are then separated from the blood and other tissues. Once separated, the cells are injected into your face using tiny needles.

Once injected into the face, the stem cells go to work regenerating skin cells and healing damaged tissue. After the procedure, patients report seeing:

• Improved appearance in overall skin quality
• Improved skin elasticity and tightness
• Fewer wrinkles and fine lines
• More even skin tone and reduction in brown spots
• Lessened appearance of sun damage
• A more youthful appearance

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