Can stem cells treat cancer?

Posted on June 22, 2016

Stem cells have played an important role in cancer therapy for five decades. Hematopoetic stem cells (similar to mesenchymal stem cells and also found in stromal vascular fraction) have been used to restore bone marrow and replace blood cell lines after planned ablation of a cancer patient’s bone marrow. This is known as a “stem cell transplant” and is associated with significant risk to cancer patients. Of course this is different than a regenerative therapy using stem cells to replace or repair damaged tissue. Having said that, new advances in cancer therapy have exploited stem cell property known as “TROPISM” which is the ability of stem cells to target tumors. This property has been used to help carry cancer killing agents deep into the cancer where the body’s immune system cannot always operate effectively. Park Avenue Stem Cell is involved in cutting edge clinical trials using stem cells to carry cancer-killing viruses deep into cancer tissue that has not responded to conventional therapy. For more information on this study, call 800-231-0407.


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