Cell Banking

Posted on June 22, 2016

Cryo-preservation and banking of adipose derived stem cells is possible and can be performed at the same time as your SVF deployment procedure. Cells On Ice™ is the company that handles this process in collaboration with their technology partner American CryoStem (ACS). Autologous lipo-aspirate can be frozen as fat or as SVF. SVF can be frozen for repeated deployments and in the near future (pending regulatory approval) expanded into nearly unlimited quantities of autologous stem cells. This will provide patients with their own personal stem cell line that could be used “on demand” for everything from treating stroke, heart attack, serious accident, or even cancer therapy at any time in their life. The Cells On Ice™ program is also vital since many of the conditions we treat such as neuro-degenerative disorders and auto-immune conditions often require repeat deployments and using banked autologous cells allows this to be done in a convenient and cost effective manner. For more information on banking your own cells call 855-204-0302.


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