Why freeze cells today, can’t I just wait until I need them?

Posted on June 22, 2016

We believe your cells represent an important form of “bio-insurance.” Producing your cells after an “elective” mini-liposuction during a convenient time that you choose has several advantages. Not only can we store your own DNA now, but we should be able to soon culture your cells to increase the total quantity of stem cells, too.

On the serious side, if you have a heart attack or stroke or unexpected severe injury or illness you might not be in a situation that would permit elective liposuction. ,You may benefit from rapid deployment of your own stem cells which could be best achieved if they were readily available “on ice” and ready to be sent to your physicians.

Many sports injuries could be more rapidly repaired using your own stem cells. If athletes – professional, collegiate and even high school – that participated in sports known for contact injuries could harvest their cells during a convenient off-season period their cells would always be ready when needed.

The way we treat cancer is about to change in a revolutionary way and your stem cells may be an integral part of a cancer treatment. Cancer patients are often debilitated and might benefit from having access to healthy stem cells taken from their bodies before they contracted their disease. These stem cells may carry vital cancer killing agents directly into the tumor. Also, with new special blood testing that can detect cancer cells before they become clinically apparent (e.g. seen, felt, or detected on MRI or x-ray), it may also be possible for your cells to hunt down these cancer cells before you get sick.

Based on research being done now, healthy stem cells removed in your youth may play an important clinical role in longevity and wellness also. Your cells may be the key to the “fountain of youth.” Because your cells have the capacity to be replicated, by banking cells now, we can eventually set up the replication process so we can return many more of your own cells from time to time. In theory, by frequently providing you your own stem cells, they can be used to continually renew vital body parts as they naturally deteriorate from routine cell death. Imagine being able to maintain healthy heart and vital function with youthful stamina and strength well in your hundreds – we believe this is possible. We say “taking good care of your cells and being able to replace them” may be the key to longevity with good health and function. While allogenic (from other people) stem cells may one day be available, we’re committed to preserving your own DNA as well.

Additionally, if you suffer from a condition that requires multiple infusions of stem cells, it would be much easier to harvest more fat and thus cells at one sitting and simply receive the cells when necessary from time to time without going through a cell harvesting procedure (e.g. liposuction or bone marrow tap) each visit. The key to successful cell therapy in many cases is repeat treatments.

Finally, a lot of people want to get rid of undesired fat for appearance sake. That means that thousands of people every year end up throwing away their wonderful stem cells without even knowing it. We think this is a terrible waste and that patients should be routinely advised that they can freeze their cells to save the fat and stem cells as they choose.


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