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Fact or Fiction?

Posted on January 9, 2019

Almost 60 percent of men begin losing their hair by the time they turn 60 – not because they want to, of course. In fact, most men who are losing their hair fight tooth and nail to keep their locks. The biggest struggle is that the cause of hair loss is often unknown. While some of it can be attributed to dysfunctional hair-making cells in the scalp, there are other causes, such as age, illness and genetics, that contribute, too.

Here are six myths about hair loss and one way to get help.

Myth 1: Baldness comes from your mother’s side. 
Sort of true. Although the gene that causes baldness is found on the X chromosome (contributed by the mother), other factors come into play, too. Researchers have found that men whose fathers are bald are more likely to develop baldness than those with fathers have full heads of hair.

Myth 2: Balding means you are old. 
Not so much. Hair loss can develop any time; it is common in men in their 20s and 30s, and can even strike teenagers.

Myth 3: Wearing a hat causes hair to fall out. 
Definitely not true. Wearing a hat does not cause strain on hair follicles and will not make your hair fall out. However, wearing a dirty hat can cause hair to fall out because it can contribute to a scalp infection.

Myth 4: Hair loss can be caused by trauma. 
This is true, but not precisely how you think. Stress (emotional or physical) can cause hair to fall out – but that is hair you would have lost anyway. Other things such as rapid weight gain or sudden weight loss can also contribute to hair falling out.

Myth 5: Hair products cause hair loss. 
No, they don’t. Hair products, such as hairspray, gel and dry shampoo, are not going to make your hair fall out. Nor will regular washing.

Myth 6: Eating carbs contributes to hair loss.
Nope! Carbs and red meat are actually full of the nutrients you need to keep a full head of hair.

No matter the cause of hair loss, you have options. Personal cell therapy could benefit you. Call Park Avenue Stem Cell today at 888-386-4751 for a consultation.


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