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Is Alzheimer’s Treatment of Injecting Stem Cells Into the Brain a Breakthrough or Quackery?

Posted on May 15, 2017

“More than eight years after his brain went foggy, four years after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and tow years since he began an innovative and extremely invasive therapy, Sage said he is being flooded by memories that seem new, or, at the very least, feel easier to retrieve. His daughter, Kate, thought Sage had suddenly begun to open up about his past because he knew his time was growing short.”

“Sage is the first patient in Phase 1 of a clinical study officially called ‘Intracerebroventricular injection of autologous abdominal fat-derived, not genetically altered stem cells.’ Sage was the first Alzheimer’s patient anywhere to have his own liposuctioned cells injected directly into his brain. He has received eight injections (about two months apart) since November 2014.”
From The Orange County Register


Park Avenue Stem Cell Therapy


Stem Cell Therapy is part of an exciting new field in medicine called Regenerative Medicine. In traditional medical treatments the goal is to reduce the pain and inflammation. At Park Avenue Stem Cell, our goal is to rebuild and repair injured tissues without invasive surgery, using your own stem cells. This results in not only long term pain relief but a significant restoration of normal function.

What is highly appealing about this treatment is that the healing substance is inside the patient himself. This treatment is not a synthetic drug or a chemical. This is also not a surgical procedure, therefore the need for general anesthesia and long recovery times are avoided. A patient can return to work within a couple of days.


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