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Joel Singer Treating Two Former NFL Players

Posted on February 21, 2018

Dr. Joel Singer, director of Park Avenue Stem Cell (PASC), announced online recently that he is currently investigating the benefits of using regenerative medicine. He is an affiliate of the Cell Surgical Network, an international organization of physicians who are all involved in clinical research of personal cell therapy.

Singer graduated from the Yale School of Medicine. He has been practicing as a plastic surgeon for over 30 years and enjoys staying at the cutting edge of regenerative medicine. He works together with a network of many other specialists to treat patients with chronic conditions.

Personal cell therapy has provoked much controversy over the past decade, particularly with the use of embryonic stem cells. The ethical outcry created a negative impression about personal cell therapy. Bone marrow transplants are regularly used, but there are limitations. This has prompted researchers to look at other sources of cells.

Singer is one of the surgeons using personal cells found in a person’s own fat. New tools exist that allow these cells to be separated from fat. The fat cells are harvested under local anesthesia, and once they are injected into the patient have the potential to form new cells and repair tissue.

One of the advantages of these personal cells is that they are abundant. There is no need to culture cells over a number of days. The liposuction type of harvesting is minimally invasive, and cells can be deployed into the patient not long after harvesting.

The personal cells can be injected into different areas, depending on what type of treatment is required. They can be injected through arteries and veins, into the spinal fluid and even into joints and organs. They migrate to the areas of tissue damage and have the potential to regenerate them.

It is going to be some time before sufficient scientific data is collected to support anecdotal and experimental evidence of the efficacy of this type of treatment. In the interim, patients suffering from many forms of degenerative diseases are prepared to take part in experimental tests. Excellent safety data has been shown with the use of this type of therapy. These patients are treated with high numbers of personal cells.

Two unnamed patients currently undergoing regenerative therapy with Singer are ex-NFL football players. This is interesting in light of the controversy surrounding the link between degenerative brain disease and football. The NFL has long skirted the issue of the damage to players’ health, but bad publicity is forcing them to re-examine their protocols and do more to protect their players.

As the date for the Super Bowl draws closer, football fans look forward to the occasion. The thought of long-term consequences of head injuries to the players diminishes in the excitement surrounding the event. However, Singer warns that concussions are one of the biggest ongoing problems faced by the NFL. The thought that some solutions may exist in the field of regenerative therapy is an encouraging one.


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