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Not Just a Diagnosis

Posted on May 13, 2019

We already know that living with lupus can take a physical toll, but what about its effects on sufferers’ emotional well-being? More people are becoming aware of the impact lupus has on mental health and how it contributes to depression, anxiety, fear and insomnia. Park Avenue Stem Cell sees many patients living with lupus and other autoimmune conditions who mention these side effects of their condition or conditions.

First, rest assured that you’re not alone if you’re having these feelings. As we just said, many people with lupus talk about experiencing these effects.

What Causes These Feelings?

These feelings and side effects associated with lupus stem from multiple factors, including:

Side effects that can be seen by others. Lupus can cause obvious signs, such as the tell-tale “butterfly” rash or weight gain from the steroids used to treat the condition. Both of these factors can impact self-esteem and cause feelings of self-consciousness.

Limitations. Lupus – specifically its side effects – can significantly limit activities. Extreme fatigue, joint pain and headaches can be debilitating and cause individuals with lupus to cut back from work or leave their jobs entirely. Extracurricular activities may also get put on the back burner during flares.

Day-to-day living is difficult. Simply living with lupus and its painful symptoms can cause sufferers to feel worn down, frustrated and hopeless. It can also make some people feel isolated and that others cannot relate. This can happen if extracurricular or social activities are cut out and feelings of self-consciousness cause sufferers to isolate.

Uncertainty about the future. Since lupus is relatively unpredictable, many sufferers have anxiety about their future with their condition. Common concerns include worries over independence, the ability to care for oneself and to manage financially.

Being able to care for others. As the average age of onset of lupus is between 15 and 40 years old, many people living with lupus or another chronic illness worry about how they will be able to care for children physically and financially.

Park Avenue Stem Cell Can Help

If you’re living with lupus and struggling with these feelings because of its life-altering side effects, you don’t have to suffer in silence. You have options. You have Park Avenue Stem Cell. Find out how personal cell therapy could make a difference in your life by calling 917-746-7908 today to schedule a consultation.


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