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Start the New Year with a Fresh Face

Posted on December 24, 2018

With the new year on the horizon, you’re probably busy making resolutions and planning what you want to achieve in 2019. If one of your goals is to freshen your look, but you don’t have time for a surgical face-lift, don’t worry! Just call Park Avenue Stem Cell instead for a face-lift using personal cells.

What Is a Personal Cell Face-Lift?

A personal cell face-lift uses cells from fat collected from another body area through a specialized form of liposuction and injects them into your face. After being injected, the personal cells go to work to replace old or damaged skin cells, erase the signs of aging, and lift sagging skin.

All These Benefits Without Surgery?

Yes, the personal cell face-lift procedure can give you some of the benefits of a surgical face-lift without the anesthesia, downtime, recovery, pain and risk associated with surgical procedures. With a personal cell face-lift, you can have your procedure and be back to your regular routine in no time!

Not only is the procedure faster than the surgical face-lift, but there is also no risk of allergic or adverse reaction because you are using your own tissue.

How Long Is the Recovery Time?

Unlike the surgical face-lift, individuals who undergo the personal cell face-lift with Park Avenue Stem Cell can return to work or normal activities the next day.

After the procedure, patients report mild soreness in the injection area that can last up to two weeks. In most cases, this soreness does not require pain medication.

How Long Does a Personal Cell Face-Lift Last?

We know you want to look good well into the new year,  and you can with the personal cell face-lift. The results of the procedure last between five and 10 years, on average. Results can be negatively impacted by smoking and weight gain, however.

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